dumb dog (art by @muttvore)


currently trying to vibe and spilling my thoughts on the fediverse
i play rhythm games, and do programming!
contact me on XMPP or telegram for anything, i'm always open to talk!

(please note i am a minor)

i like open protocols and open software, so if you have cool software let me know :3

networking and systems management is cool and i plan to do that in the future


  • any pronouns

  • genderfluid

  • demisexual

  • learning japanese

  • latine in southern california


XMPP and Telegram are my preferred communication methods. Listed in order of response speed~

If you would like to contact me securely, please use XMPP or my ProtonMail key.
ABEB 5455 0A12 B350 589F 28FC CC72 D11F 1F81 9680 <>

For everything else, you can use my GPG key. (Also used for code signing.)
0D1F C15F 5E69 8AB9 894B BBF6 73ED CD00 E063 6ADE nullobsi <>

Here are some of my other accounts (follow me on fedi!!):



my favorite artist has to be Eve... i love every single song they've made :D
i listen to mostly Japanese artists like Ujico, nulut, Eve, and a few more. i also listen to artists like Porter Robinson, Lemon Demon and Slime Girls.


I do not have a Spotify! I buy all my music from Bandcamp first or from whatever preferred music shop the artist uses :)
My listenbrainz can be found here.



pass-secrets is a C++ replacement for gnome-keyring that uses the awesome pass utility and a file-based structure to encrypt your application secrets in an easy-to-access format. You can use .gpg-id to change the encryption key for each folder and collection, and simple JSON structures provide relevant metadata. Find it on GitHub.


clight-gui is a GUI utility written in Qt Widgets that provides a simple and clean configuration tool for the excellent clight daemon. You can easily manage your backlight/dimming settings, and save your config all from a single app. The source is on GitHub.