dumb dog (art by @muttvore)


currently trying to vibe
i play rhythm games, and do programming!
contact me on telegram for anything, or before you friend me on discord. i'm always open to talk!


  • any pronouns

  • genderfluid

  • demisexual

  • gay for friends

  • dumb

  • learning japanese


I would prefer if you message me on XMPP or Telegram for the quickest response!

My GPG key has a fingerprint of 0D1F C15F 5E69 8AB9 894B BBF6 73ED CD00 E063 6ADE.



my favorite artist has to be Eve... i love every single song they've made :D
i listen to mostly Japanese artists like Ujico, nulut, Eve, and a few more. i also listen to artists like Porter Robinson, Lemon Demon and Slime Girls.


I do not have a Spotify! I buy all my music from Bandcamp first or from whatever preferred music shop the artist uses :)
My can be found here.